About Us

At Enigma Physiques, our aim is to offer you Premium Lifting Gear that show you that we really care! Not only have we got the trendiest Lifting Belts, but we can also guarantee that they are of the finest quality.

We started as a small business in December 2020 from Sydney, Australia. Our aim is to continue providing our customers with products that keep them happy, at prices that keep them happy.  

Our customers are our top priority and through our products we work hard towards building long-lasting and meaningful relations with them.

Our Lifting Belts

Fabricated using Fine Split Leather on the inside and covered with a soft suede finish on the outside. Double stitching enforces product longevity, while the ergonomic design ensures your core and lumbar is supported during heavy lifting. 


Walking around the gym we never really saw any lifting belts that caught our attention. We mostly see thinner non lever belts or extremely stiff belts made for elite power lifters. Our target was for the general gym goer that wants to build a stronger physique but isn't trying to be an elite power lifter.

So we decided to create a lifting belt that is attractive, smooth and comfortable to use when performing compound lifts at the gym. All at an affordable price that keeps customers satisfied.



Please send any inquiries to support@enigmaphysiques.com


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